University of Nebraska – Lincoln uses an orthography similar to the orthographic style of Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Flesche in "The Omaha Tribe" to transcribe the Umóⁿhoⁿ language.

Umóⁿhoⁿ Orthography
SymbolUmóⁿhoⁿ examplenotes
◌◌ ččèshka Held long or tense unaspirated consonant
◌ʰ◌ óⁿoⁿ Aspirated consonant (Unicode 02B0) - All capitals version ◌ᴴ (Unicode 1D34)
◌̣ agé Muted consonant (Underdot, Unicode 0323)
◌̌ ti Harsh consonant (Hacek, Unicode 030C)
◌ⁿ◌ óba Nasalized vowel (Unicode 207F) - All capitals version ◌ᴺ (Unicode 1D3A)
IPA suggests that a superscript "n" be used but we have had troubles with superscript format being lost when changing versions of editors so we have chosen to use a Unicode marker for nasalization.
◌̀ wèduba Accented syllable, pitch falling (Grave, Unicode 0300)
◌́ wiwítta Accented syllable, pitch rising (Acute, Unicode 0301)
◌̂ shêtʰe Accented vowel in which the pitch rises and falls (Circumflex, Unicode 0302)
◌̄ āthada Accented syllable with a moderately long vowel (Macron, Unicode 0304)
◌ˀ◌ tˀé Glottal stop (Unicode 02C0)
(capitalizing ʡùde or ˀÙde, consensus seems to be ˀÙde; ʡ Unicode 02A1)
ε hóⁿεⁿgoⁿče only used nasalized (Unicode 025B)

The diacritic marks used here are IPA symbols in Unicode fonts. You can download the font Charis SIL from http://www.sil.org.